Gold Price in Egypt

Today January 13, Friday Gold Rates in Egypt are:

24K  Per Gram
22K  Per Gram
21K  Per Gram
24K  Per Ounce

Last Gold Price in Egypt Updated on Friday January 13, 2017

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When the word Egypt comes into mind one cannot help but see and imagine vast barren land of the desert of a rich gold color surrounded by warm winds and misty signature Egyptian tunes in the background with camels roaming around and pyramids spread far across. However the actual reality remains quite different as this remains a relatively small part of Egypt. The larger part of Egypt remains just as one would imagine any developed city/country with hustle bustle. Obviously a country with over 1010400 sq. km’s of square footage as well as about 92 million inhabitants will house something other than a dull desert routine. Connected to the Red Sea Egypt also houses a load of business and trade opportunities making it a prosperous country with a somewhat average GDP per capita of 3740 US dollars.

Egypt is origin to perhaps one of the richest cultural and architectural heritage in the world. The tenure of the Pharaohs with their legends of extravagant luxury as well as tyranny is something Egypt is known for. It’s also home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World; The Sphinx. Moreover even the River Nile of Egypt packs a history much more interesting than many of the world’s countries combined.

Looking at all these facts one cannot help but notice the extravagant amounts of Gold that reside within Egypt. Perhaps packed away and hidden in the tombs and pyramids yet worth an amount several countries can survive on, Egypt surely does house humongous amounts of Gold. Several Gold mines are spread around Egypt too including the Pharaohs Gold Mines as well as the Nubia Mines towards the south. The actual amount of Gold mined in Egypt remains a very small percentage of the total gold reserves primarily because there is such a large amount of gold. This makes Gold an interesting and lucrative investment for many as Gold prices pack a lot of unpredictability and suspense throughout the years. Assisted by its prosperous trade opportunities by Sea Port and a steady pace of development Egypt houses a readily available demand for Gold both as terms of storing wealth as well as an investment commodity.